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change in magnifying glassThe Paradigm is Shifting. Remodel Your Marketing Now.

Marketing rules are changing all around us. The winners in this new world will be the early adopters who understand the new breed of buyer, take advantage of better and cheaper technology, and deliver problem-solving content.

It’s time for marketers to replace traditional publishers. Make sure you aren’t the last one on your block to make the transformation.

Here’s what you need to do and why:

Play the Powerful Role of Publisher to Meet Your Buyer’s Critical Information Needs

You can make this happen just as media companies have done it for decades. The best business-to-business and business to consumer publications delivered must read content for the buyers marketers wanted to reach. These buyers, in turn, became loyal followers of the publications and responded actively to both editorial and advertising messages.

As Paul Gillin suggests in The New Influencers, content marketing is all about engaging in a conversation with your customers and prospects:

The next generation of customers will want to interact with businesses in very different ways. The new influencers are here to stay. Your challenge, and your opportunity, is in learning how to influence them and becoming an influencer yourself.

The old influencers, especially traditional media are declining in influence. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for companies to fill the information void. Although media companies are increasingly disappointing your buyers, those same buyers are still hungry for content that offers solutions to their problems — and helps him lead more successful, productive, and enjoyable lives.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to transform the way in which you market by providing relevant content that positions you as a trusted source. You begin as a source of information and continue as a source of products and services.

It’s neither necessary nor desirable to attempt to sell prospects who don’t want to be sold. Instead, your thought leadership positions your company as the obvious source of solutions. As you become increasingly customer centric, you can develop an intensely loyal and lucrative base of repeat customers.

Target and Reach Buyers Affordably and Effectively

Big companies have long had the technological resources and the investment capital required to build sophisticated content marketing solutions — and to manage huge amounts of demographic data relating to their prospects and customer base. Many such as Best Buy, Microsoft, and Amazon.com probably know more about us than some of our relatives. They also do a terrific job of delivering relevant and compelling content to different segments of their prospect bases. This applies to print and electronic solutions.

Smaller companies typically had to rely on media companies to deliver their message to their targeted buyers. This has certainly been true with print publications, and until fairly recently online as well. Affordable technology has changed all of the rules. In fact, a 10 person company may be able to out market a 10,000 person company in a carefully chosen niche. Today, because the software technology required to manage a customer database is now affordable for any size organization, even small companies have less need of the services of trade and consumer publishers. You can target your ideal set of customers both precisely and inexpensively. Of course, in the burgeoning world of social media, tools such as Twitter and Facebook offer even more possibilities of aggregating prospects who are eager to listen to what you have to say.

All of this is vital because effective and efficient distribution powers the very best content marketing strategies. After all, there is not much point in creating great content unless you can deliver it exactly where you want it. Now you can do both.

Generate High-quality Editorial Even with Limited Time and Dollars.

The key to successful media programs for corporations is great content. Your buyers know the difference between great content and a blatant sales pitch. You may have to work hard to provide consistently relevant and compelling content, but it need not be be cost prohibitive.  You can benefit directly from the miseries of traditional media organizations thanks to a growing reservoir of available writers and editors.

Much of the best editorial talent has been forced out of media organizations to save money. The outflow of terrific journalists is headline material everywhere as newspaper and magazine editorial pages shrink in lock step with the drastic drop in ad pages. Companies of all sizes can afford to create high-quality content as they attract high-quality journalists for contract work. In particular, savvy small organizations are also working with talented freelancers to generate consistently solid content.

Great content underlies great content marketing. Your buyers want and need great content. They used to receive it from media companies. Today, they can and should be receiving it from your organization. Even if you do not have internal editorial talent, plenty of brilliant editors and reporters will be happy to put their talents to work on behalf of your company.

Start Becoming a Publisher Now: Developing a Content Marketing Strategy Both Easier and More Important than Ever

The new breed of buyer doesn’t want to be sold. But, he is more desperate for solutions to complex business and life challenges than ever before. Whether it’s a matter of selecting the right HD TV–or selecting the right enterprise software solution, your buyer has big problems that need solving. Delivering the content to solve those problems used to be the province of media company publications. No longer. It’s your world now as the new breed of publisher.

You can deploy content marketing solutions that begin with genuine conversations, continue with careful targeting, and finish with solution-centered content. Your company will become the new media in the minds of your customers–because you both understand and solve their problems in a way that was once upon a time the sole province of publishing companies.

Don’t wait. The time is now. Go for it.

P.S. If you are a small business and wondering exactly what steps to take, here’s a quick primer:

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Newt is a leading thinker on the new discipline of content marketing. He urges marketers to think like publishers by delivering essential, relevant, and timely information that makes customers smarter and wiser–and much more likely to become buyers. Newt is a successful publishing executive with more than 25 years of experience as both a manager and business owner. He has launched profitable publications in the high tech arena for both CMP and Ziff-Davis. He was an early player on the web in 1996 as Publishing Director of an early Yahoo competitor, NetGuideLive. As an entrepreneur, he launched Southwest Florida Business and BusinessNewsNow.com in the late nineties, later selling them to Gulfshore Media. His publication still thrives under its new name, Gulfshore Business. In addition to his sales and marketing skills, Newt is a published writer for Business Currents and Gulfshore Business magazines. He writes on topics as diverse as healthcare, education, public policy, growth, business best practices, and technology. He knows how to build great brands that serve client marketing needs. He is comfortable driving dramatic market-driven changes. Newt is recognized as a leader with the ability to move teams in new, unexplored directions. He is effective in high level sales and marketing conversations with senior executives in client organizations of all sizes. He delivers successful consulting engagements to improve products, people, and processes.