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Dmitry Sotnikov's Blog Overall, very exciting times, and a great event put together by the folks at SYS-CON! There was a lot of excitement and optimism throughout the event. As someone put it: cloud computing is about 700 days old. That means that there are a lot of arguments about definitions, and where things are going, and so on. And that also gives a lot of vibe and a lot of fresh community spirit. Below are my notes from all the sessions I attended at the last week’s Cloud Computing Expo 2008 on: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 A few general comments on the conference. First and foremost, cloud computing is happening. There was a lot of excitement and optimism throughout the event. And frankly this was quite contrasting to the SOA keeping talking about whether SOA is getting anywhere, how to justify SOA projects, whether it is a journey or a destination, and so on. This was... (more)

How To Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Are you struggling to figure out how to best leverage social media into your job search marketing plan? My upcoming book, "I'm Job Searching, Now What???" will delve into using social media as one of the multiple strategies in your job search. I wanted to touch on a couple of ways you might use social media in your job search with Twitter. photo credit: woodleywonderworks LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Jigsaw, etc. all provide a great research platform. I use LinkedIn many times when I'm researching a company because not only does it give me the company information, key statistics, news articles, etc., but it also provides me information about with whom I'm connected. I use this information to see if the company and my connections within the company are on Twitter. If they are, I will begin to follow them. Why? I may be able to get a sense of company culture, job postings that... (more)

Fortify Software Documents Pervasive and Critical Vulnerability in Web 2.0

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Fortify Software, the leading provider of security products that help companies identify, manage and remediate software vulnerabilities, today announced that its Security Research Group has documented the first major vulnerability associated specifically with Web 2.0 and AJAX-style software. Termed JavaScript Hijacking, the vulnerability allows an attacker to steal critical data by emulating unsuspecting users. To combat this issue, Fortify has released an in-depth security advisory that details this vulnerability, how enterprises can determine if they are vulnerable and how they can fix the issue. A copy of this advisory can be downloaded at http://www.fortifysoftware.com/advisory.jsp. JavaScript Hijacking appears to be a ubiquitous problem. As part of Fortify's work, the 12 most popular AJAX frameworks were analyzed, inc... (more)

Come and Have Beer with Me at AJAX World

James Hamilton's Blog I will be attending the Ajax World Conference next week in Santa Clara. I will also be at the opening reception on Monday and the conference party on Tuesday. Over the weekend Jesse Liberty blogged about this as well "If you are going to be at AJAXWorld, look for me on Twitter, and let's see if we can set up a meeting or a lunch." Other faculty members, according to the Ajax World website, who will be at these parties include: Aaron Adams  –  Brian Albers  –  Danny Allan  –  Christopher Allen  –  Sarah Allen  –  Deepak Alur  –  Stefan Andreasen  –  John Andrews  –  Daniel Appelquist  –  Jean-Francois Arcand  –  Erick Audet  –  Josh Babetski  –  Alex Barnett  –  Jeremy Bartley  –  Robb Beal  –  Phil Berkland  –  Robert Boedigheimer  –  David Bo... (more)

ShoZu Adds Eight New Destinations to Mobile Social Media Service

ShoZu announced that it has expanded its mobile social media service to Photobucket, Dailymotion, Friendster, Twitter and four additional Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 communities. With these eight new integrations, ShoZu now enables mobile users to interact with their choice of 36 social networks from a single screen on their handsets — reducing the time, effort and money required to upload images, update social profiles and check friends’ latest posts from the phone.   “People today often belong to more than one online social media site including social networking sites, personal blogs and media storage and sharing sites. In addition, different social media sites are popular in different parts of the world,” said Mark Bole, ShoZu CEO. “Our goal is to provide mobile access to the broadest possible range of communities from the ShoZu service s... (more)

iPhone 3G and the Things I will Need From My New iPhone

David Young's "Joyeur" Blog I stood in line at an AT&T store last summer the day the iPhone first became publicly available. I thought the local Apple store would be mobbed. Four hours later the AT&T store was out of phones. With not much hope, I drove to the Apple store. Within 15 minutes I was inside buying two iPhones. So my relationship with the iPhone started out well, on balance. But I kept on using other phones on the side. The virtual keyboard of the iPhone has been the cause of many near automobile collisions. Don’t believe in guardian angels? OK, but I don’t think I’m that lucky. I don’t have the fingers and toes to count the number of times I’ve been accelerating into the car or truck in front of me when I look up from http://m.twitter.com or Mail just in time to stomp on the brake. Honestly, I’m not that stupid to be tr... (more)

Do You Really Want Your Data in the Cloud?

Don Dodge's Blog The web fanatics and blogosphere would have you believe that all applications will move to the web. Some will, most will not. Reliability, scalability, security, and a host of other issues will prevent most businesses from moving their mission critical applications to hosted services or cloud based services. The risk of failure is too great. I woke up earlier this June and checked TechMeme to see what was happening in the tech world. Three stories jumped out at me. Amazon was down due to a Denial of Service attack. Twitter has been down many times over the past few weeks. Dave Winer says he needs a Plan B for Twitter. Disqus, the blog commenting service, has also been down several times recently. So, I decided to write a quick post about the unreliability of cloud based services. Normally I use Windows Live Writer, a desktop based program, to compose... (more)

Cloud Computing: I Want To Have My Cake and Eat It Too

Alan Shimel's Blog It is easy to dismiss Don Dodge's piece asking 'Do You Really Want Your Data in the Cloud?' as a Microsoft guy defending their turf. He uses some recent uptime problems at Amazon, Twitter, Disqus and Typepad to show that keeping your information in the cloud and relying on the net to deliver your applications gives you less control, less security, less scalability and less reliability. Don has a point, even though net access and SaaS services are much more mature than they were in the past, there are always the times when it does not work. For that matter, cell phones, blackberries, and cable TV don't always work either. An indication of how vital something has become is how much we miss it if it is not available. But to the point, I remember when the personal computer first came into being. The idea of your data and the applications being "portable... (more)

Cloud Computing vs Grid Computing

Michael Sheehan's GoGrid Blog The Cloud just got another potential injection of PR from Apple as well with their announcement of MobileMe. Apple has brought a new technology term, the 'Cloud' - previously reserved for developers, IT managers and the like - to the main-stream public. We all know that the term 'Cloud Computing' is relatively new to the Technology buzz. But just how new is it? I spent some time analyzing search trends of different computing keywords to try to put everything in perspective. Google trends is a nice too that gives insight into broad search patterns. We all know that the term “Cloud Computing” is relatively new to the Technology buzz. But just how new is it? For starters, I ran a quick comparison of “Cloud Computing,” “Grid Computing” and “Utility Computing”. The term Grid Computing has been around for a while (even before Google Trends... (more)

Opinion: Cloud Computing in 2008 - Not For the Faint-Hearted

Jim Connolly's Tech News Blog I think that cloud computing is going to be 'the way ahead' for most businesses and individuals in the coming year or two. It makes a lot of sense. However, right now, in 2008, I think it's a very brave person who would entrust their business data to one of the thousands of micro-businesses offering 'cloud computing' services. Why? ‘The cloud’ is actually just a server in someone’s building at another location. There are new, small businesses coming up every day offering us a cloud computing facility - may of whom will not even be trading in 12 months. Remember, over 50% of new businesses cease trading within the initial 12 months! What happens to our data if they go broke and their servers are snatched back by their creditors? What about the security of your data - when the cloud provider no longer owns the servers? Another common pro... (more)

Look How Rich and Thin We Are - The State of the RIA Market

I spoke yesterday with Michael Cote of Redmonk and Ryan Stewart of Adobe (the RIA blog is here, on ZDNet here podcast is here). What follows are some of the highlights of our discussion on the state of the RIA market. Today, there are two ways to build your first Web 2.0 application: Buy $300 worth of O'Reilly books and kiss the next few weekends goodbye Download WaveMaker and follow the 15 minute tutorialFor anybody but the most hardcore or masochistic tech-heads, this seems like a no-brainer decision. If Web 2.0 is about putting more power into the hands of end users, that message hasn't hit the Ajax world yet. In general, Rich Internet Applications toolkits from Dojo to Flex are well beyond the reach of anything but the most sophisticated developers (not that I am a particular fan of Flex). WaveMaker is focused on lowering the price of admission for Web 2.0 application d... (more)